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Full Gospel Christian Fellowship was founded on August 8, 1978 by the Hull family. Pastor Wilfred Hull pastored the church for many years and to this day has the longest tenure as pastor at Full Gospel. His brother, Raymond Hull served as an interim pastor for 2 years and continues to attend and serve in the church.

Full Gospel Christian Fellowship now pastored by Jesse Knight since July 2019, is a church that preaches Christ. We are a community of believers that love God and love people. We enjoy gathering together to worship, and grow in our faith, but what we enjoy even more is sharing the love of Christ with those who don’t yet know Him as their saviour.

When you visit Full Gospel, you can expect to be greeted with love, enjoy a time of Holy Spirit-inspired worship and ministry in the word.

Full Gospel's credentialing body is Faith Christian Fellowship of Canada.





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Pastors Jesse and Gillian Knight


We will gather in Godly relationships, exhorting and encouraging one another in the faith and the love of God.

We will grow in faith, character and spiritual sensitivity, as we worship, pray and receive the word of God together. We will facilitate an environment where true disciples of Jesus, are developed.

We will go, demonstrate, live, share the gospel and the love of God, on our street, at our jobs, in our community, around our province, across our country & into all the world.


A thriving community of faith, hope and love.

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